Translation prices




Translation prices


From any foreign language into Hungarian

From Hungarian into any foreign language

General text

HUF 1.8

HUF 2.0

Technical translation (business or legal)

HUF 2.2

HUF 2.4

(Prices per character with spaces, based on the target text)

Urgent translations (over 10,000 characters per day): + 40%
Immediate translations (to be delivered within the same day): + 100%
Proofreading (technical or by a native speaker): 50% of the translation price
Translation from a foreign language (other than Hungarian) into another one: upon agreement

The prices above exclude VAT (25%). We offer discounts to our clients in case of large or regular orders.
In case of a large amount of charts or diagrams, an additional editing fee may be charged following a prior discussion with the Client.

Request a specific block quote for the translation of your document by sending an e-mail.