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Have you ever found that although you have understood work-related material in another language, you still cannot manage to express it properly in Hungarian?

Have you ever spent hours rushing to translate that quote or contract destined for an important customer into English?

Isn't your time and that of your colleagues too precious for you to be drafting the firm's written material, web pages and tenders in an additional language?

Why should your highly qualified staff waste time translating documents for company owners or customers abroad?

Why not take advantage of the services offered by A-Group?

We guarantee that your documents will be translated by translators with a degree in a specialist field, business experience and translation qualifications. If required, we proofread for technical or linguistic accuracy.

For us, tight deadlines are nothing out of the ordinary; they are an everyday occurrence. There is no surcharge for producing technically accurate translations of a high standard, as this is an integral part of our service. Where queries do arise, we do not seek to invent new expressions for technical terms; we ask you instead. After all, in your field you are the specialist. Just as A-Group is your specialist for business translations.

You can rely on us.