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A-Group Translations offers the following services to make your communications more effective:

QUALITY translation of

Business and general correspondence, Contracts, Offers, Tenders, Financial Statements, Websites, Marketing materials (flyers, catalogues, etc.) and other documents

in almost any field of business:

Banking, Insurance, European Union, Business Law, Human Resources, Tourism, IT, Trade, Logistics, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Public Relations, Finance/Accounting;

Primarily, from ENGLISH or GERMAN languages into Hungarian and from Hungarian into ENGLISH or GERMAN (upon request, also from/into other languages).

We deliver our quality translations in the requested format and, of course, by the agreed deadline. This is enabled by the professional experience and high-level language skills of our qualified translators as well as an extensive library of technical books and dictionaries and a cutting edge IT background.

Your assignments are followed by thorough research, collection of information and preparation. During translation, we continuously keep in touch with you in order to discuss any questions arisen. As a result, you can be sure that you only have to go through the translation prepared and, if required, proofread; it is ready to be forwarded for the specific purpose. Naturally, all source and target documents are handled with confidence.